3 Common Causes of Blocked Drains

One of the annoying problems experienced by homeowners is having blocked drains. Whilst this may be a normal occurrence for some, it pays to know what causes these. At the same time, you can easily call a plumber for help should these problems get out of hand.

Here are three common causes of clogged drains:

Blocked Drains

Presence of Hair

One of the common causes of clogs is hair build-up. Sometimes, these can even be accompanied by skin flakes, causing gunk to accumulate and block the flow of water. To help address this, simply remove hair to let water flow freely again. However, if hair and other small debris have been in your drain pipes already, it may be time to call a professional for help.

Plants and Environmental Factors

If you have drainage systems outside your home, one thing which you might encounter constantly is plants and other natural debris clogging your system. Sometimes, after cleaning and maintaining your garden, leaves, roots and even dirt can block the passage of water. Often, roots can grow into your drainage since they are in search of water. To prevent this, sweep your outdoor area and keep this free from fallen leaves. Additionally, you should steer clear of clogging plants such as oak trees, magnolias, willow trees and boxwood shrubs.

Kitchen Grease

Another annoying cause of blocked passages is kitchen grease. Gunk and fatty deposits tend to accumulate in your sink over time, making it difficult for liquids to pass through. A usual misconception is that oil tends to be washed down. Unfortunately, these substances stick to the inside of your pipes, making it impossible for liquids to pass through.

To help you clear these pipes, call an expert who can scrub these off. Likewise, make sure to scrape off fat and grease. This way, these won’t go down the drain and harden in the pipes. To properly dispose of these, put scraped fat in a small container before throwing it in the garbage.

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