Why Hire a Video Production Company for Your Business?

A video production company can help you grow your brand and business. These experts can improve your online marketing, employee onboarding process and so much more. In fact, 81% of businesses seek help from professional videographers.

People watch a lot of videos.

Video Production Company

55% of internet users watch videos on a daily basis. It’s estimated that by 2020, videos will make up 80% of content online.  YouTube is one of the most frequently visited sites online, second only to Google. Every day, consumers watch 500 million hours of clips on the website.

What this means is you already have a market that’s primed to consume this type of content. In fact, most internet users prefer it! 55% of people will pay more attention to the details of videos as compared to articles, sound clips and others. If you’re looking to broadcast information in your target market, this is the way to do it.

Consumers watch videos before a purchase.

Have a product or service you want to sell? This form of media is the way to do it. 90% of consumers report videos as the number one reason they made a purchase. A simple how-to or demonstration can help increase people’s understanding of your product or service – making them more likely to make the sale.

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Consumers nowadays have all the tools they need to do research on both your product and the business. That’s why they often visit business websites. Having a short clip on your landing page will help increase your conversions by up to 80%! This isn’t surprising, as buyers prefer watching the product being used four times more than just reading a description.

Employees learn better with videos.

Employee onboarding and retraining can take a lot of time. Multiple document pages, seminars and talks can take – and cost – a lot. What most business owners fail to realise is that there is an efficient, cost-effective alternative to traditional methods. Videos are shown as 75% more effective as a learning tool for employees.