Things to Avoid When Hiring Tree Loppers

Having trees in your garden helps you feel closer to nature and elevates your aesthetic. However, there are circumstances in which these cause harm to you and your property. This includes pest-riddled, too tall and too wide ones. To prevent more severe things from happening, you should hire tree loppers to remove it. Here are things you should avoid when searching for a good service provider:

tree loppers

Tree Loppers

Disregard Laws

There are laws placed to protect trees. On the national level, you need permission to remove native species unless absolutely necessary. When getting approval, you need to specifically state all your reasons for wanting the tree removed. You should also take note whether the tree has heritage or historical significance because trees with this value are protected as well.

Failing to Get State Permits

Every state has regulation with regards to trees. For example, in New South Wales, property owners are allowed to lop insignificant ones without council permits. In South Australia, regulations are in place for trees in Adelaide Metro and Hills areas. Before removing trees on your property, seek advice from a trusted lopper and consult your local council.

Not Checking Insurances

Removing trees can be dangerous. Remember, many of these are huge and heavy. This can result in injuries or property damages. To prevent any additional costs for accidents within your property, make sure that the lopper has a worker’s comp insurance. To avoid shouldering any expense brought by damages to your property, check if the company has a public liability insurance.

Not Asking About Their Process

Make sure that the company utilises proper equipment and safety gears when performing the job. This is the proper way to do the job because it shows that the company is compliant with regulations and standards. It also protects people from injuries and properties from damages. Getting them to describe their process can give you an idea about the measures they take to safely conduct the work.

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