LED Signs: Light the Way to Your Business

Probably the most used signage nowadays is LEDs due to their numerous advantages and seemingly little to no disadvantage. They work well in every business and they can make business signs look simple yet eye-catching. LEDs can be used as letter signage and/or screen signage that can customize to suit the kind of advertisement the business demands.

To help you find out more about LEDs and why more businesses are switching to LEDs for their business signs, the following list has been made for you.

Ways LEDs are a Great Signage Tool

1. It attracts. LED signs create catchy and visually stunning advertisements. The bright lights help the colours pop especially at night, making these signs hard to miss.

2. It is customizable. Words and information advertised can be changed anytime. Animations can also be programmed to add fun effects.

3. It lasts longer. Compared to its fluorescent and  neon counterpart, LEDs can last up to 6 years longer. LEDs also perform better as they maintain the same level of brightness throughout their entire lifecycle.

4. It conserves power. LEDs use only about 20% of the energy used by the neon lights.

Ways to Know When It’s Time to Shift to LED Signs

1. You mostly operate at night. Using signs with LEDs would be advantageous since these signages look best at night.

2. You want your business to look fun and exciting. LEDs can be used for almost every kind of business. But when you want to build a reputation of an exciting and adventurous business, playing with the LED signs settings to add up colour and animations can effortlessly help you with the advertising.

3. You constantly update what you advertise. What’s great about these signs is you can change whatever is written anytime without too much effort.

4. You are often busy. LEDs are low maintenance, requiring periodic checks and cleaning once every few weeks.

LED signages

Ways to Care for LED Signs

1. Clean it. Keep LEDs clean at all times. Better to make a regular schedule for when you have to clean the sign. LED signage placed outdoors would require more frequent cleaning. To properly clean the signage, use a soft cloth to gently wipe the surface of the glass. Do not use water, detergent or any other cleaning material that can leak inside and cause damage to the LED.

2. Perform maintenance checks. Just like cleaning, schedule routine checks every now and then to ensure that the signage is still in its optimum condition. Look for potential wears or problems in wiring and address these immediately.

3. Handle with care. Be careful not to drop or bump the signage. Take extra care as well to prevent creating scratches on the surface of the glass.

4. Keep it safely hidden when not in use. To avoid damage and accidents, keep the LED stored in a safe place, away from any potential danger that can harm the signage or people around it.