How to Take Care of Vape Tanks

Vapers know that vape tanks are essential components of their kits. Because of this, they take good care of their tanks. If you are new to vaping and you want to know how to take care of your tank, here are some tips to know:

Vape Tanks

Regularly Rinse It

The first thing you should know about maintenance is that it needs to be cleaned regularly. You might think that all juices are the same and that it would not hurt to put one flavour right after you finish another. However, the taste of these liquids can stick to your tank giving your next hit a mixed flavour. To prevent this, you should wash your tank with water. You can also use soapy water or even high proof alcohol for a deeper cleanse.

Clean Seals

Your tank has rubber seals to prevent your juice from leaking. Because these are in contact with e-liquid, these tend to have residues. This is why you should remove them carefully and soak them in soapy water to remove any hint of dregs. Take note that these seals can loosen up. When this happens, buy new ones that fit your device. Click here for more!

Place Vape Bands

A lot of shops include bands with their device package. You might think that these are for decorative purposes only. However, they function as a cushion to absorb impact. Your tank can come in contact with pressure or impact whilst stored in your bag or pocket. Because of this, you should place bands over your tank to keep it from cracking.

Replace When Needed

Lastly, tanks might sustain minor damages. Even a small crack can cause leaking, which wastes e-juice. Once you notice cracks, it is better to purchase a new one. This saves you money and prevents liquids from creating a mess.

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