Uses Of Wood Chips

According to the online source, wood chipping is the process of chipping wood so that they will be turned into wood chips or pulps. This happens when the trees is kind of useless already or must be removed because it might be hazardous or maybe because a typhoon is coming and it might cause accidents. You see, though trees are actually humans’ friends, but still there are a number of times when they need to be removed. And so that they will not be wasted, the barks will be used in other ways in which one of that is by wood chipping Sunshine Coast them since wood chips have many functions.

Here are some of the most common functions of wood chips:


1. As mulch

– Wood chips can indeed help your plants in growing well and healthy. They can suppress the unwanted weeds from growing in the surrounding area of the plants and at the same time, they can also retain water much longer. All you need to do is spread the wood chips around the plant area.

2. As composting material

– Do you know that wood chips can also retain a great deal of carbon? That is right and carbon is great for building up the soil making it more nutritious for the plants. Aside from that, you can also add the carbon to your compost so that the dirt will be enriched and they will be more nutritious for the plants.

3. Fuel

– Of course they are obviously good as fuels just like some other woods. They are the best tools to start a small controlled fire. They can also be used as biomass reactors which are great to power engines aside from producing heat.

4. As walkways

– They can also be used as walkways. However, you have to make sure to put a weed barrier for longer lifetime. If there are elderlies or kids in your home, you need to make sure that they are really well evened out to avoid accidents though. Eliminate large debris as they can easily trip people.

5. To control soil erosion

– If there are areas in your place where soil is usually easily eroded by rain, you can use wood chips to create a barrier like a retaining wall for example. This way, the soil won’t easily be dragged away by possible heavy rains and at the same time, when done right, they can also add aesthetics.

6. As play area surface

– Wood chips can also be used as substrate for play areas. You can create a spot in your place where your kids can play. They can minimize the impact in case any of your kids will trip or fall. Just be sure to check on them once in a while though to ensure that they are still as effective.

Indeed there are so many uses of wood chips thus don’t let your dead woods just die away and be fed to termites.